Borivali (West), Kandivali (West), Kandivali (East)

Web Technology

Web Technology

  • Trainer Ashish Shivalkar

  • Category Development

Course Information

You use it every day, for banking, researching, shopping, and social media, but do you really know how the web works? In this course, we will introduce the technology that makes the web run, the terminology involved, and how it all comes together to power the websites we know and love. We covers the alphabet soup of technologies involved (HTML, CSS3, Java Script, etc), and explains what separates the front end (what we see) from the back end (what we don't) on the web. This course is your "plain English" guide to the world of domains, databases, servers, and the technology that makes the web work.

What You Learn
  • HTML Tags
  • HTML5 Tags
  • CSS and CSS3
  • JavaScript(Server and Client side)
  • Jquery
  • PHP basic
  • PHP String Functions
  • PHP .INI file
  • PHP operator, Array and Loops
  • PHP Array Functions
  • PHP file Functions
  • PHP Session Management
  • MySQL Database
  • AJAX
  • CodeIgniter(FrameWork)