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Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developer

  • Trainer Ashish Shivalkar

  • Category Developer

Course Information

Android is the Google created software stack for creating comprehensive Mobile Applications and Software to realize the full potential of one’s Mobile handset and its possibilities. Android is a comprehensive software stack of mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key application. This rich source of software bunch is used in Mobile Technology through its innovation module of The Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

What You Learn
  • Android Version
  • Android Features
  • Android Installation
  • Android Hello App
  • Android MVC Pattern
  • Android Layouts
  • Android Activities
  • Android Intent
  • Android Activity Life Cycle
  • Android Multi Activity
  • Android tab-Activity
  • Android UI Components
  • Android Option Menu
  • Android Context Menu
  • Android Action Bar,Android SQLite DB
  • Android Messaging
  • Android Emailing, Google Maps
  • Location Services
  • Androidtask
  • Connect to Server(Php,Java Servlets)
  • Using web Services
  • Making App for multi- Languages and Different screen Sizes And Densities
  • Code Fragments and Services
  • Sending Simple data to Other Apps is by Using Action Bar And Share Action Provider
  • Introduction to Phone Gap
  • JDBC ODBC And Java Servlets
  • XML and Json
  • Google Cloud Messaging